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Wen Technology's Magnetics Division offers a comprehensive range of magnetic workholding solutions along with lifting and related tools for industrial metalworking applications.

Wen's Workholding group specializes in the use of electro-permanent and permanent magnetic circuits.

Electro-permanent magnetic circuits are electrically switched, permanent magnetic systems which use a momentary jolt of electricity - typically 1 or 2 seconds - to switch states from off to on and on to off. Once switched, no further electricity is required.

Permanent magnetic circuits are mechanically switched, permanent magnetic systems typically actuated with a lever and again, no electricity is required during use.

By focussing on these two types of permanent magnetic circuits, electrical power is eliminated except for momentary switching and our products offer two universal advantages:

  • Accuracy: no power - no heat - no distortion
  • Safety: no power dependency - no possible loss of magnetic force!

The Workholding product line includes chucks for:

Chucks Lifters Accessories
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