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Workholding products

Our workholding products are summarised below by like group - click on any item for additional information and access to a complete data sheet or catalog in Adobe Acrobat format.

Rectangular chucks - Permanent
BM62.000 with fine-pole distribution suitable for grinding and sinker EDM applications
BM62.100 with fine-pole distribution & flushing for sinker EDM applications
BM60.000 with normal pole distribution suitable for general grinding applications
BM61.000 with max pole distribution for high holding power in heavy machining
BM68.000 neodymium rare earth magnet chuck with pitch pole spacing for precision operations
Rectangular chucks - Electro-Permanent
NG50 Neo-Grid series milling chucks for smaller components
NG75 Neo-Grid series milling chucks standard series
NG100 Neo-Grid series milling chucks for large tables
Circular Chucks
BM63.000 permanent transverse pole chucks for turning and grinding
BM64.000 precision sine tables in fine or normal pole execution, single or double swivel
BM64.200 low profile precision neodymium tables with single swivel
MLX permanent magnetic lifters for lifting flat or round loads
MLX-SV permanent magnet lifters with arms for loading horizontal machines
BM67.000 laminated plate accessories for transverse pole chucks - fully machinable
BM19.020 magnetic buttons for slug retention in wire EDM applications
BM19.010 induction aids for wire EDM applications
BM64.300 electronic angle gage for use with sine tables
BM67.500 clamping profiles for holding non-magnetic workpieces
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